Metaverse Wrassling Federation. Open to all metaverse beings

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Let's Wrassle!

Welcome to the MWF alpha

1. Pick your Wrassler

Choose any of the NFTs you own to mint a Wrassler NFT on Polygon. Your Wrassler's attributes will be randomized using Chainlink VRF. Alpha Wrasslers are limited to 1,000 tokens and are completely free - we even cover gas.

2. Play

Compete in Player 1 vs. blockchain CPU matches against our five Genesis Wrasslers. Trade attacks with your opponent - each turn you choose from 3 randomized moves, and every move is recorded on-chain. The competition gets harder as you advance!

3. Train

Having trouble advancing? Upgrade your Wrassler's attributes with $MATIC.

4. Win

Any competitor who beats all 5 Genesis Wrasslers will be entered in a winner-take-all 1 ETH drawing.